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By Jeeves

Described as ‘a jolly spiffing show’, By Jeeves is the result of collaboration between musical icon Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber and the equally eminent playwright Sir Alan Ayckbourn. Whether you view the production as a musical or a play set to music, the show is based on the PG Wodehouse stories of Bertie Wooster and Jeeves.

Set in a church, Bertie is involved in a fundraising concert to raise money for the repair of the steeple when he realizes the beloved banjo on which he is scheduled to perform, has disappeared. At a complete loss as to what to do, his man servant Jeeves saves the day by suggesting his master entertain the audience by relaying some amusing anecdotes about some of the close shaves and improbable situations Jeeves has rescued him from. One of Jeff’s favourite roles in recent times, he cut a wry and stately figure as the all knowing and unflappable Jeeves. “It’s a smashing role to play,” he explains. “The humour and the words are so clever and being set back in the 1930’s makes it timeless. It’s a joy for me to play Jeeves because I’ve always been a fan of the Wodehouse books and I grew up watching Dennis Price’s Jeeves to Ian Carmichael’s Wooster and for me they were the ultimate Jeeves and Wooster.

Bertie is a well meaning chap, always trying to help his friends but he’s not the brightest of characters so it’s always down to Jeeves to get him out of the scrapes he gets himself into. Jeeves has to be a miracle worker really and have all the answers.

The production opened in Eastbourne for a short season before touring to Oxford, Guildford, Malvern, Worthing and Plymouth. In a strong cast, Jeff was joined by Robin Armstrong as Bertie Wooster.