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Ghost Train

Written by Arnold Ridley better known as an actor for his portrayal of Private Godfrey in the immensely popular sitcom Dad’s Army, this ground breaking thriller first took to the stage in 1925. When a group of passengers find themselves stranded overnight at a sleepy Cornish railway station, the stationmaster does is best to persuade the travellers to seek refuge elsewhere claiming the line is haunted by a ghost train, dooming all whom lay eyes on it. As the plot unfolds, it becomes apparent that his protestations are the result of an elaborate invention to cover up the exploits of an arms smuggling gang.

Jeff’s first appearance in the play came early in his career while at the Belgrade Theatre, Coventry when he portrayed the role of Herbert Price under the direction of Roger Redfarn. Some 30 years later, he returned to the play as the more colourful and eccentric Teddie Deakin, a role he revisited in 2007 for Ian Dickens productions. Giving a delightfully over friendly and slightly irritating portrayal of the character which could have been written for him, he received great critical acclaim, starring most recently alongside Victor Spinetti and Julie Buckfield.