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It Runs In The Family

Written by master farceur Ray Cooney, It Runs in the Family is set in the doctor’s common room of the fictitious London hospital St Andrews over the Christmas holiday period. The story centres on the eminent and highly respected Dr David Mortimore as he arrives at the hospital preparing to address a conference of neuro-surgeons with a speech expected to guarantee him a Knighthood. Proceedings are thrown into disarray when he discovers his son, the result of a love affair with a nurse some 18 years earlier and hitherto unknown, has arrived at the hospital in search of his long lost father. Mortimore heaps lie upon lie as he enlists the help of his colleagues and friends in a bid to prevent his little indiscretion becoming common knowledge not least to his wife!

Jeff starred as Dr David Mortimore in the 2003 Ian Dickens production of the play which gave him the opportunity once again, of working with Judy ironically cast as stage wife Rosemary Mortimore. The play enjoyed a short season in Bournemouth in addition to touring the UK including venues in Darlington, Sheffield, Guildford, Worthing and Stevenage.

Joining Jeff and Judy in the cast were Geoffrey Davies, Jeremy Todd, David Callister, Sarah Mowat, Katie Evans and Kerry Wotten.