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Noonday Demons

Noonday Demons by Peter Barnes, sees Jeff in the role of St Eusabious, a cave dwelling recluse, who, having triumphed over the devil and his temptations, faces a greater threat to his life of chosen solitude in the form of rival hermit and holy man, St Pior. Pior claims God has sent him to make the cave his everlasting retreat but neither man can bear to share the shelter resulting in a battle of words, miracles and blows. Eusabious wins the final confrontation by strangling Pior with the chain he wears for mortification of the flesh. As he praises God for his deliverance he sees a vision of the future which horrifies him, he and Pior taking bows to loud applause at the end of a production of Noonday Demons by Peter Barnes. Even more bizarrely, much of the action takes place in front of a pile of St Eusabious’ petrified dung!

This production was produced at the Belgrade in 1970