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See How They Run

The classic Philip King farce See How They Run is set in the vicarage of the sleepy rural village Merton-cum- Middlewick  during World War II. The plot centres on Vicar of the Parish The Rev. Lionel Toop, his rather unorthodox wife and ex actress Penelope, the local busybody Miss Skillon, a young  squady Clive and an escaped German POW. Throw in a slightly eccentric maid, a perplexed Bishop and a bewildered locum vicar and you have the perfect recipe for mirth and mayhem.

Jeff first starred in this play in 1998 as the staid and self righteous Rev Toop. He was joined in the cast by Britt Eckland as Penelope, Hilary Minster as the German POW, Victor Spinetti  in the role of the Bishop of Lax and Su Pollard as the ever interfering Miss Skillon. In 2008 he returned to the play this time for Ian Dickens Productions Ltd enjoying a short but hysterical UK tour as the Rev. Arthur Humphrey, a mild man in a permanent state of confusion and the perfect vehicle for him to produce a performance incorporating some wonderful visual comedy along with precision timing and meticulous attention to detail.

The cast included Michael Sharvell-Martin as the Bishop and Frazer Hines as Sergeant Towers.