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The Rainmaker

Written by N. Richard Nash in the early 1950’s, The Rainmaker is set during the depression in a rural, western American town in the midst of a drought. The story centres on Lizzie Curry, a daughter, sister and spinster who keeps house on the family ranch for her father and two brothers thus rendering it difficult for her to find a husband. As the farm animals continue to wilt under the blazing summer sun, the family appear more concerned at the lack of Lizzie’s marriage prospects then the impending loss of their livelihood. The arrival of Starbuck, a charming con artist who promises to bring rain for a small nominal fee, sparks a chain of events enabling Lizzie to see herself in a new light.

This production was staged at The Belgrade Theatre in the early 1970’s with Jeff in the role as the older brother Noah Curry. He was joined in the cast by Peter Gilmore in the title role better known for his performances in a number of Carry On films and as Captain James Onedin in The Onedin Line.